Wines and spirits

The perfect accompaniment to every dish

As the old proverb goes: “you only eat well when you drink well”.

That’s why we don’t just offer high-quality cuisine with unique flavours; we always recommend the best wine or spirit to go with it.

A carefully selected cellar

Our cellar contains over 200 labels, including local, Italian and foreign selections.

Our sommeliers will find the perfect accompaniment to heighten the flavour of your chosen dish, according to your personal preferences.


Cocktail Bar

If you enjoy a particular cocktail or a cheeky aperitif, or if you’d like to try one of the wines available by the glass, make the most of our cocktail bar. Our bartenders will astound you with creations that live up to your greatest expectations.

Bitters and spirits

To round off your experience with a note of refined goodness, choose a spirit or a bitter from our list: you will encounter excellent rustic rums, cognacs, armagnacs, soft spirits and grappas.


Come and visit us at our gourmet restaurant near San Martino di Castrozza. Eating in Primiero will prove to be an unforgettable experience!