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The staff

Get to know our big family

Renzo and Sonja were the first to make their dreams come true in La Pajara Gourmet, and now all those who work here are part of a team that is as close-knit and cohesive as a real family.

In the eating area

Alberto, Raffaele and Daniele will seat you and ensure you receive an impeccable service. Our team is ready to satisfy all your wishes and make your experience truly unforgettable.


In the kitchen

Behind the finesse and sophistication of our dishes, and the wholesomeness of our simpler options, are Diego, Marco and Elena.

You may not see them, but you can taste their expertise with every forkful.

The sommeliers

Renzo is a professional sommelier and his unstoppable passion has meant that Alberto and Daniele have been studying to follow in his footsteps. They are currently finishing a course which will enable them to help you always choose the best wine.


Come and meet the staff and taste the magic of our restaurant in Primiero.