Bistrò Castel Pietra

Whet your appetite with lightness and flavour

Here in Primiero, you won’t only discover La Pajara Gourmet restaurant where you can enjoy refined and local dishes, mentioned in the Michelin Guide. You will also find a smart and classy bistrot, where you can enjoy a fast, light lunch without compromising on carefully selected raw ingredients, as well as options that are brimming with taste and sophistication.

Ideal for a pleasant lunchbreak or as a pick-me-up before going back to work, Bistrò Castel Pietra is open every day from 12.30pm to 2pm. We look forward to blowing you away with appetising, wholesome and indulgent dishes, and we also cater to little ones.

The taste of simplicity

Make yourself comfortable at our little tables on the terrace or inside the lounge bar, and choose your favourite dish from tasty salads, fruit and vegetable smoothies, sandwiches, light pasta or rice courses, indulgent meat courses, seafood and vegetarian recipes.

Indulge in a lunch that is freshly cooked with love, using high-quality raw ingredients and excellent local products: the perfect combination of health and heartiness.


Joy and goodness for your children

We are a family and we understand the importance of your little ones’ wellbeing.

That’s why we have created for them a menu that is simple, nutritious and, most importantly, mouth-wateringly good!

To make their choice more fun, we decided to name the dishes after the most well-known cartoons, old and new. The kids are happy, and you can revisit your childhood!

If, after having experienced the light, wholesome dishes of Bistrò Castelpietra, you want to try our gourmet restaurant in Primiero, go ahead and reserve a table at La Pajara. You won’t regret it.